Something Sweet │ Algo Dulce

House Flan │ Flan Casero  60.00

The creamy caramel sauce over a sweet and silky custard.
Flan con caramel y canela.

Bananas “Tierra Viva” │ Bananas Tierra Viva   60.00

Freshly sliced bananas flambéed with Cointreau/Tequila, covered with caramel. Accompanied with vanilla ice cream.
Bananas flameadas con tequila y licor de café acompanados de helado de vainilla.

Mexican Chocolate Crepe │ Crepe Con Chocolate  70.00

Crepe filled with Mexican chocolate. Accompanied with vanilla ice cream.
Crepa rellena con cajeta, banada con chocolate y helado de vainilla.

Chocolate Brownies │ Brownie  70.00

Brownies served with a scoop of avocado ice cream and a strawberry puree.
Brownie de chocolate con helado de aguacate y fresa.

Tropical Fruit │ Fruta Tropical  60.00

A selection of papaya, mango, pineapple, apple accented with mint, dressed in a caramel sauce, served with vanilla ice cream.
Seleccion de papaya, mango, pinas, manzana con menta, aderezados con salsa caramelizada, servidos con helado de vainilla.



If there is something you would like but cannot find it on the menu, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.
Si hay algo que quisiera pero no puede encontrar en el menú, por favor háganoslo saber y haremos todo lo posible para atender su solicitud.

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